Today!! For xCash users. Convert your xCashPoint to Blue Points via the xCash application. Get Two Special Privileges!! 1. Transfer a minimum of 400 Blue Points per transaction, for 1 chance to win in a lucky draw for prizes totaling 100,000 xCashPoint. 2. Transfer a minimum of 800 Blue Points. Get Free!! Discount coupon worth 50 baht (first 2,000 privileges). Activity Period 15 Jul - 15 Oct 20

Terms & Condition

    1. PTT Blue Card customers can transfer Blue Points to xCashPoint with at least 800 Blue Points per transaction. Get a free 50 baht Sizzler discount coupon!

    2. Limited to 1 person/1 privilege and the first 2,000 recipients only.

    3. 50 baht Sizzler discount coupons will be delivered via the xCash app on the 1st day of the following month. (1st Aug, 1st Sep, 1st Oct, 1st Nov)

    4. PTT Blue Card customers transfer Blue Points to xCashPoint, with at least 400 Blue Points per transaction, for 1 chance to win in a lucky draw for prizes totaling 100,000 xCashPoint.

    5. รายละเอียดรางวัล Prize Details
             1 prize of 30,000 xCashPoint
            2 prizes of 10,000 xCashPoint
            5 prizes of 3,000 xCashPoint
            20 prizes of 1,000 xCashPoint
            30 prizes of 500 xCashPoint
    Total Value of 100,000 xCashPoint (1 xCashPoint = 1 baht )

    6. Lucky Draw will be on 4 November 2020.

    7. Winners will be announced on 6 November 2020 via FB Fanpage xCash and PTT Blue Society.

    8. Under the rules set by the company, each participant will be represented by a clearly visible token. The tokens will be mixed thoroughly and thrown into the air. Honored guests and trusted experts will catch the tokens in front of the committee and witness the awarding of prizes.

    9. 1 lucky person is eligible to receive only 1 highest prize throughout the program.

    10. The company’s decision is final.

    11. Participants must comply with the terms and conditions of the activity as specified by the company.

    12. xCash reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion without any advance notice.

    13. xCash reserves the right to suspend activities if it finds that the participants are fraudulent or have violated the terms or conditions set by the company, without prior notice.

    14. Activity Period: 15 Jul – 15 Oct 2020.

    15. Details of conditions are at and

    Conditions for receiving prizes :

    1. Winners must be Thai nationals domiciled in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand. They must bring proof of identity card, a PTT Blue Card and xCash application page with 1 copy as a proof for claiming prizes or to delegate authority to others to receive them on their behalf, who must have documents showing legal authorization for receiving a prize. For receiving awards, the company will contact the winner, who must get in touch to receive the prize at the company during working hours and within 30 days from the date of announcement of winners. If the deadline has expired, a waiver may be applied and the company may give the prize to the next person on the reserve list. If the named reserve does not come to collect the prize within the specified time, the company will award the prize to the Thai Red Cross or another public charity.

    2. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other prizes or cannot be transferred to third parties or other legal entities and the prizes involve no cash.

    3. Winners of prizes worth 1,000 baht or more must pay withholding tax at 2% of the prize value.

    4. The company is not responsible for registering points to receive prizes that do not meet the conditions through fraud, registration delay, or lost, incomplete, illegible, fraudulent or misrepresented information caused by the participant and the computer system or telephone system, whether through fault, omission, ignorance, modification, corruption, deletion, theft, destruction, disturbance, miscommunication, damage or attack by a virus, unauthorized access or use of information, data corruption, network failure, or software or hardware faults or whatever reason, and points registered to be redeemed cannot be returned to points under any circumstances whatsoever.

    5. Employees and families of DigitaLife Corporation Limited and its affiliated companies and individuals/organizations related to this program are not eligible to participate.

    6. The company’s decision is final.